Wild Strawberries

As a working artist and active printmaker the last thing we often give serious consideration is the pricing of our works. The recent pandemic (2021) has given me pause to open up to the possibility of on-line sales. Many artists have gallery representations and I respect the distinction between studio sales (direct to artist) and gallery representation (brick-and-morter commissioned representative). Therefore, only unmated prints, unframed drawings and paintings will be offered. These works are distinctively separate from works negotiated by galleries who have been kind enough to handle many of my works.

The prints and art sold through my on-line gallery will be handled , packaged and shipped by the artist. All efforts to properly package, insure and ship (via UPS). This is a new venture for me and I ask your patience in assembling a unique piece of art that I feel is a joy to vie and a value for you and your estate for years to come.

When you purchase a work of art from Ibis Press Studio Direct, along with an archival packaged work, there will be a single page certificate of authenticity that will accompany the work. The chop mark and embossed logo (in edition intaglio and relief prints) is an indication that the print was created AND printed by the artist. In many of the major galleries handling national artists, its rare to find the artist printing his own work. I find value in that. I hope as an an follower of the Art of the Print, you do as well.

Artwork created by Craig Fisher® Ibis Press Studio™ is considered the creative work by Craig Fisher and cannot be reused or reproduced for any function without the direct permission of the artist (Craig Fisher).

Wild Strawberries

A drawing on tinted paper using colored chalk and designers gouache. The work is matted in a 3″ 6ply white acid free matt board and wrapped in acetate size 16′ x 24″.


This work will be shipped flat. The work is matted in a 3″ 6ply white acid free matt board and wrapped in acetate size 16′ x 24″.