A “Plein-air” break from prints

When I was around 10-12 yers of age, a local artist by the name of Jim White realized that I liked to draw and invited me to attend some life classes. He drove miles out of his way to pick me up in Holland Ohio and bring me back afterwards. He had a large family of his own and he did not have to do this but he was one of those enlightened souls who realized that kids could learn to love art and he actively encouraged them. Tomorrow, June 17th, I hope to be painting the old derelict interurban bridge near Roche de Boeuf on the Maumee river (near Waterville, Ohio). It will be an oil painting (if there is room on the cliff). This weekend paint fest is called “The JIm White Memorial Paint Out” in his honor. I hope he’s “up there” watching and smiling.

If anyone is around your more then welcome to peek at my artwork or the many other artists sprinkled about the village of Waterville tomorrow through Saturday.