Regional Showcase Ohio, 2016

manifest2016This exhibit has no predefined expectation for type or style of work to be considered or selected. Submissions ranged from the most traditional to the most conceptual or experimental. The only criteria for entry is that works must qualify as works of visual art made by artists living in Ohio. The Manifest jury edited the entries to optimize their space for this competitive show. The final selection included 15 works by 11 artists from across Ohio. Manifest received a total of 412 entries from 135 artists. I was fortunate to get all three original intaglio prints accepted. The exhibition is shown from March 4th – April 1st.

Join me for the Regional Ohio Opening at one of Cincinnati’s leading contemporary gallery venues. March 4th, 6:30-9 PM. – Manifest Gallery, 2727 Woodburn ave., Cincinnati, Ohio 45206