"Saints & Demons", Intaglio works by Craig Fisher

From December 2 through December 30th,2014 visitors to Toledo’s downtown warehouse district will have a unique opportunity to view intaglio prints by Toledo Area artist Craig Fisher at Cafe Latté.

Whenever we are striking out to find some common metaphor for imagery we do not have to travel far the collective experience of established religion. Artists through the millennium have looked to biblical backgrounds to carry their message. Here-in lay the dramatic clash of good and evil intimately visualized in settings that may be less familiar.

“Saints & Demons” touch either directly or obtusely on those players. It can be the power of the multi-national petrochemical industry or the occasional missteps of a 2000-year-old church. Interwoven are cameos of heros, villians, devotees and demigogs.

This small one-man exhibit toys with the eternal “ying & yang” of temptation, exploitation and redemption.

Directions and Hours to Cafe Latté can be found here.