On this fractured Rock: The House that Peterbilt

fractured rock I will buildThe beginnings of a very large intaglio work with possible Chine Collé. The subject is power, energy and the new religion it spawns. Right now it is nothing but a draft sketch. The images is of the High Altar and the Duccio Oculus of the Duomo of Sienna or Cattedrale Metropolitana di Santa Maria Assunta in Sienna Italy. I am using the strong verticales and horizontals of this powerful space as a stage for my intaglio metaphor. Here will be suspended a diesel truck. (what a powerful statement of unreleased energy!) Its wheels drooping under the improbable weight of gearboxes and axles. The alter is a firebox endlessly stoked.

I will try to post some in-progress images. This piece could head in any number of directions. I only wish I had more time!