Tragedy Strikes The Candy-land Express

renaissance Black and Charbonnel Burnt Sienna

Tragedy Strikes the Candy-land Express.

This print always held out a sort of unfulfilled potential. Originally started in early 2013, I kind of shelved it be cause it did not seem to be taking the direction I had hoped. It was a two color intaglio. A copper plate master with a second color created using sugar lift on a zinc plate.

I have to cut my plates using a draw knife. Although effective, I think it has the potential to give you a less then accurate cut of the plate. That can make it hard to use in color registration.

My solution was to drop the second plate altogether and add another piece of copper to give the image length and change the heavily matted forest top as an entrance into a forest canopy, resplendent in an orchid-like writhing of plants and other fauna. This tendril-laden landscape is bent on consuming the remains of the locomotive intruder–the “tragedy” metaphor of the print.

The candy cane images were created in Photoshop printed using Ultrachrome inks on an Epson Stylus Pro 3000. They were cut out and laid on top of the plate, dusted with wheat paste and passed through the press. This is an Artist’s Proof. I have not schedule the edition till my press is up and running.