Closing Reception Flatlanders Gallery, Blissfield, Michigan

While most people thought the action was in Sylvania “Art on the Main”, little did they know that “up the road” in Blissfield, Michigan the closing reception of “unripened & out of season, The Graphic Universe of Craig Fisher was taking place. I was fortunate to sell two works and met with some nice folks, such as Ken Thompson, Sculpture and creator of the Midwest Sculpture Initiative.

It was heartening to get positive feedback from those rare folks who took time to peer into the etched print and peal away on the imagery. There’s not a lot of artists in Northwest Ohio who exploit the etched line, so when one stumbles across a show with real copper plate work, it elicits positive responses.

Flatlanders is true to its namesake. Long broad and sweeping vistas of the Southeast Michigan farming community in the act of growing soy and wheat, with the occasional free form sculpture dotting the approach to outskirts of Blissfield.