New Currents!

Once you commit to a copper plate, especially one that is highly polished, its hard to retreat from that already scratched-up surface. It really was not that bad and I felt it could work. This is what happened to my latest intaglio. I had mildly drafted the asphaltum with the intent of etching a particular motif. I then had second thoughts and burnished-out what I had a earlier planned. It sat on the floor for months and mocked me while I spent a small fortune for new copper.

WelI, I finally took it on and “uncommon currents” is my latest creation. The light bulbs, and belt-driven manikin hands were a staple in my mind of the “mechanical” is steadily giving way to new technology. I wanted to capture that even at the expense of dating my print. If Rembrandt can etch the street vendor, why not the transistor tube. This took 5 separate etching baths and I still wish I could get it darker.


detail of the print