2 New Prints in progress

one color etching 12 x 18

Gates of Jerusalem

The Gates of Jerusalem is based on an Old Testament quote (Revelations 21:15) which conjured up images of a paced off map of an ancient walled city
he that talked with me had a golden reed to measure the city and the gates therof and the walls thereof 
This print was another in a growing exploration of two techniques that, admittedly, I have only had scant opportunity to explore. Sugarlift and image transfer. There were plans for a two-color etching but I felt that the work had turned a corner and was going in new direction. I was intrigued by the negative “box” space and to fill it somehow would lessen it. There are no straight paths to a clean result, only an unstable footbridge that twists and threatens to collapse or leads of in a new direction.


“flight” by Craig Fisher,
Aquatint and Chine Collé, edition of 15

This piece was created as a “zine” in which the theme was an open-ended interpretation of the term “Madonna”. There were quite a few woodcuts, a little popular culture play on Madonna and child and some fascinating Inkjet prints. I wonder if there were any positive responses to mine? Interesting experiment.

One can be nothing but amazed at the interplay of water and the how the forces of nature impact it. One print in the process plays with that tension. I hope to see it finally printed this month. A small print but still able to hold a nice aquatint half tone. I have delayed any shows because of technical issues dealing with my scanner. Today I have placed an order for a new 12 x 17 flat-bed table top scanner and I am crossing my fingers. It is a Mustek ScanExpress A3 USB scanner with a Hi DPI ratio.

So far the scans are good. Because of the larger A3 (tabloid format), its more of a challenge holding a crisp image on the far edges of the Glass platten.

This scanner has a very weak scanning program. I have tried in vain to inject a TWAIN driver to allow me to scan it directly into Photoshop. With the addition of Adobe PhotoShop CS6, I have at last gotten better functionality in my image processing,


Mustek ScanExpress A3 USB scanner